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5 Cool Features of Google My Business that you Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Google My Business is an online business directory where companies can create a profile that essentially helps their business rank for local search. Here are some features that I bet you did not know existed but that you should be testing out to see how they affect your business.

1. SMS Messaging

You can set up messaging in GBM which means that your potential customers will see a button labeled message when they find you online. They can then write to you and this message will be routed directly to your mobile device. You need to have the GMB app in order to use this. You can also customize an automated welcome message.  This is an easy way to be in touch with our potential customers.

2. Posts

You can post updates, offers, events and products. If someone is searching for your business, and you have an offer or event, GMB will show that information to the user during their search. This is a super easy way to show off some of your offerings to potential customers. Using this feature, you will get more real estate on the page and increase your chances of a click.

3. Add Special Hours or Closure Times

Add special hours or closure times – if you change your hours or workdays for a holiday or some other business function, you can easily add that change to Google. If someone searches for you, google will normally say, this business is now open or closed. So, on the chance you do need to close on a different schedule, you can now let potential customers know.

4. Manage customer reviews

When a customer leaves a review on Google, not only do you see them in your GMB dashboard, but you can respond directly to the customer. Your response is public. This could be essential if a customer writes a bad review. This gives you, as a business owner, a chance to respond to a negative comment. Sometimes there was a mistake on behalf of the business, but sometimes it was just a difficult customer. Be careful to be respectful and polite, but you can defend your actions if needed.

5. Google Assistant

Potential customers can use Google Assistant to book an appointment with your business. You simply need to check off that you allow this service and Google does its magic!

Let me know what you think of these features and how they have affected your business.

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