8 Super Useful Chrome Extensions Every Online Marketer Should be Using

As most marketers know, growth hacking can be very time-consuming. Between managing campaigns, analyzing reports, watching the competition and optimizing your site/app’s user experience, the workload can often seem overwhelming. Fortunately, there are countless tools and shortcuts can really help marketers work more efficiently.  Check out these useful Chrome extensions to help you save time and further assist you in driving results.

  1. Page Analytics – this extension from Google gives you in-page analytics for pages on your website. Skip the step of having to open GA every time you need this information, and get it right on the page you are page
  2. Last pass – Do you have a million passwords and have a hard time remembering them? For any kind of business, this extension will help you be more efficient by remembering your passwords for you. You can easily create folders to keep everything organized. You can even generate new passwords and automatically save new passwords into your account. If you sign in to a new website, this extension will ask you if you want to save your password. Their vault is secure and will save you tons of times trying to remember passwords.
  3.  Facebook pixel helper – Are you setting up Facebook pixels and not sure if they are working? Use this easy extension to see what pixels are on each page of your website. Quickly see if there any errors to make sure your campaigns are running smoothly.
  4. Whatfont? – Do you ever need to match a font for a banner and have no idea what font it is? This cool extension will let you know what font you are viewing so you can easily use it again and make sure your branding is consistent.
  5. Full page screen capture – Ever need to capture a full website page and your snipping tool just can’t do it? This extension allows you to print an image of a full page. You can then easily use that image to see your whole page as once or copy it to Paint so you can mark it up.
  6. Color Zilla – Choosing colors for websites and banners can be very hard. See a website with colors that you already like? No problem, just use this tool and you can see each color of the website.color picker
  7. Google URL builder – Building new UTM’s is a constant task that online marketers spend their time doing. This neat little popup extension is just like google UTM builder only in an easy to use form without having to open a new tab each time.
  8. Similar web – Want to learn more about your client’s website or their competition? Similar web allows you to see key stats about a website. In a glance, see crucial details about your website.similar
  9.     And just for fun…..Shutterstock tab – This is just a fun extension and really doesn’t have much to do with marketing. Every time you open a new browser, there is a new image that pops up from Shutterstock.  It will just keep you on your toes during work by offering stunning images every time you open a new tab.



Using these tools can save marketers hours of painstaking work each week and freeing up valuable time to focus on some of the more high-impact parts of the job. Hope you find this helpful.

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