SellSide Media is a full service online marketing agency with a focus on customer acquisition. Our talented team is comprised of seasoned professionals that have worked in virtually every aspect of digital advertising. We’ve served clients operating in the most competitive online spaces, including financial services, eCommerce, travel and tourism, SaaS companies, luxury goods, online education, non-profits and much more. Our performance marketing experience has shaped our methodology to focus on short term results that always keep the long term goals in mind.

Yaron Marcus


With a over a decade of online marketing experience under his belt, Yaron has developed an expertise in many facets of the business. Having run large, successful campaigns across numerous industries and verticals, he possesses an abundance of  practical knowledge and a unique perspective on digital marketing; all of which he applies in working with clients to ensure their success. Prior to Sellside Media, Yaron served as the Director of Marketing at MediaBoost, where he helped grow the company from obscurity, to one of Israel’s leading performance marketing companies. The company’s Israel division was ultimately acquired by Los Angeles based Centerfield Media, which he joined as Vice President. When not pacing the halls of his office while speaking on the phone, or drawing graphs on a whiteboard, Yaron enjoys crashing drones and hiking with his wife and three boys.

Tara Horn


As our resident eCommerce guru, Tara applies her vast understanding of online consumer behavior, conversion optimization and data analysis to each client. She’s made an art of finding the most relevant audiences for each campaign and reaching them with compelling messages to convert them into paying customers. Tara’s background in online marketing and project management serve her well in her role as the person responsible for making the magic happen for the clients she serves. When not creating ads or crunching numbers, Tara spends her time playing baseball with her kids and eating peanut butter with a spoon.

Eric Landa


As our Director of Disruption, Eric knows how to grab people’s attention. When a client needs to spice things up with their ads or landing pages, Eric gets the job done. He’s the creative force behind the skyrocketing click-through and conversion rates on many of our campaigns. He’s also a numbers guy, pouring over campaign stats late into the night (when his wife lets). His years of media buying and affiliate management experience have made him a master negotiator when it comes to structuring great media deals for his clients. When he’s not walking across town to save 5% on deli meat, Eric can be found on the basketball court or with his family at the bottom of a 3 child pile-on.

Naama Goldberg


Every company needs a techie, and at Sellside Media, that’s Naama. Officially an experienced web developer that builds websites, designs banners and creates landing pages, Naama is also responsible for fixing anything that runs on electricity. Not only can she code like a pro, she also manages the email server, fixes the router, and changes batteries on the A/C remote control. Naama’s primary role is managing all the technical, UI and design tasks we undertake for our clients. When not coding, Naama enjoys studying genealogy and going on Safari with her family.

Miriam Marcus


Miriam handles the company’s accounting and financial matters. Her experience includes management roles in finance and operations across a variety of industries. It’s been suggested that her speed is the result of a caffeine addiction, though credible sources have verified that it is in fact natural. Miriam dashes around the office, keeping our finances in order and helping our clients keep track of their ad budgets. When she’s not using accounting jargon or schlepping around binders of receipts, Miriam enjoys working out (not that anyone enjoys it, but she tries) and taking her boys on local adventures.

Aaron Friedman

Aaron’s role as marketing analyst puts his considerable quantitative skills to good use. As our resident Excel expert and human calculator, he’s responsible for much of the number crunching and optimization that drives results for our clients. When he’s not working on Google AdWords, Aaron enjoys touring the ancient sites of Israel and practicing his Hebrew with native Israelis.

Aviva Miller

As an account manager, Aviva spends her days working to help clients achieve their goals. Prior to joining Sellside Media, she spent many years in the non-profit sector helping others with personal goals to live a better life. Since joining Sellside Media, Aviva now focuses her energies on doing that, exclusively for our clients. Aviva’s impeccable communication skills and creative abilities allow her to help get the right messages across to our clients’ customers effectively and in a manner consistent with their branding. Aviva is efficient, motivated and loves a good challenge. When not at work, Aviva spends her free time  hanging out with her 3 boys, creating digital photobooks, enjoying a good board game, and reading just about everything.