Aim Better

October 4, 2021

Statement of Work

PPC Services

  • Campaign Setup 
  • Monthly Optimization 

Pricing and Terms

6 months with an option to renew monthly

Setup fee: 2,000 NIS

Month 2+ 2,100NIS

Please note the following:

  1. Prices do not include VAT
  2. Setup of tracking pixels is an hourly fee of 250 NIS
  3. Development work is charged hourly at 280NIS/ hour
  4. The client is responsible for payment to Google Ads.

General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”)

  1. Definitions

“The Company” – Sellside Media, Ltd.

“The Services” – The list of tasks and requirements specified on the Statement of Work above.

“The Client” – Aim Better

“Effective Date” – October 4, 2021

“Materials” – Any files, wording, audio, video, banners, sketches, images, and any other tools and recourses the Client uses.

  1. Non – Exclusive Agreement

This GTC is non-exclusive. The Company has the right to provide its services to any other person, company, and entity it chooses, at its sole discretion.

  1. Undertakings of the Client
    1. Each party hereby declares and undertakes that all of its activities are legal and in good faith; that none of its activities and contracts with other third parties are illegal, fraudulent or present false presentation, and that it possesses all clarifications, permits, licenses, approvals and confirmations from the local and national authorities, if required, in each region it operates in.
    2. Client shall provide The Company with access to Google Adwords and any other ad network or traffic analytics tools currently being used on their websites and advertising campaigns. Client shall be responsible for quality assurance (QA) tests of its materials it provides the Company at its own expense.
  2. Consideration
    1. The total consideration for the Services the Company provides the Client is the 2,000NIS for month 1 and 2,100 NIS for months 2+ for a minimum of 6 months. (the “Consideration”). The Client agrees to spend up to 5,000NIS on the campaigns. Anything above this budget will require a change in the monthly fee of the retainer. The first payment of 2,000NIS will be paid by November 18, 2021. Failure to pay will result in the cessation of work. The following months will be paid according to shotef 60 per month as agreed upon between the parties.
    2. The Client shall transfer the Consideration to the Company in New Israeli Shekels, no later than the 10th of each month for the previous month’s services.
    3. Each Party shall bear its own expenses (including, but not limited to, any tax obligations) relating to the activities and payments received under this GTC.
  3. Intellectual Property & Ownership
    1. All rights, title and interest of either Party in its respective products, services, and intellectual property shall be held by such party and nothing in this GTC shall be considered as a waiver of each Party on any of its intellectual property rights. Neither Party is granted any right or interest or license to the intellectual property, know-how, trademarks, designs, customer lists, trade secrets, source codes, marks or trade names of the other Party.
  4. Term & Termination
    1. The Parties agree that this GTC shall commence on the Effective Date hereof and shall be in effect for a period of 6 months (the “Term”), unless otherwise terminated in accordance with Sections 6.2 and/or 6.3 below. Upon completion of the initial 6-month period, this agreement will be automatically renewed on a monthly basis, unless either party provides a minimum of 14 days prior notice of its desire to terminate the agreement.
    2. Either Party may terminate this GTC hereunder for default if the other Party: (i) materially breaches this GTC; provided, however, no right of default shall accrue until five (5) business days after the defaulting Party is notified in writing of the material breach and has failed to cure or give adequate assurances of performance within the five (5) day period after notice of material breach; (ii) The other Party becomes the subject of a voluntary or involuntary proceeding concerning insolvency, receivership, liquidation, or composition for the benefit of creditors.
    3. Without derogating from any other remedy according to applicable law, either party reserves the right to terminate this GTC immediately, if the non-breaching party reasonably determines that other party has, in any way, breached any of its obligations under Section 3.1.
    4. Any and all provisions or obligations contained in this GTC which by their nature or effect are required or intended to be observed or performed after termination of this GTC will survive the expiration or termination of this GTC and remain binding upon and for the benefit of the parties, their successors and permitted assigns.
  5. Warranty & Indemnification
    1. The Client is solely and exclusively responsible for the Client’s performance and business, and the Company is under no obligation or responsibility to review or approve any other materials or conduct, other than its own Services. The Company does not provide any warranties, and the Client shall bear all costs and responsibilities in respect to the Services.
    2. Notwithstanding any provision in this GTC, the Client hereby undertakes, declares, and represents before the Company, that the Company shall not be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, including loss of business, income and profits caused to the Client arising from any action, omission, oversight or negligence of any third party with which the Company may enter into binding agreements in order to provide the Services to the Client. The Client undertakes and declares before the Company that it waives any causes of action, claims, arguments, demands etc. against the Company, and that it shall indemnify the Company for any amount of damages should any legal proceedings are initiated, for any reason, against the Company.
  6. Confidentiality
    1. Each party agrees that all business, technical and financial information it obtains from the other party is the confidential property of the disclosing party (“Proprietary Information” of the disclosing party). Except as expressly allowed herein, the receiving party will hold in confidence and not use or disclose any Proprietary Information of the disclosing party for a period of 2 years following termination of this agreement. The receiving party shall not be obligated under this Section 8 with respect to information the receiving party can document: (i) is or has become readily publicly available without restriction through no fault of the receiving party or its employees or agents; (ii) is received without restriction from a third party lawfully in possession of such information; (iii) was rightfully in the possession of the receiving party without restriction prior to its disclosure by the other party; or (iv) was independently developed by employees or consultants of the receiving party without use of or reference to such Proprietary Information.
  7. Limited Liability

In no event shall either party be liable to the other party under contract, negligence, strict liability or other legal theory for (I) any special, indirect or consequential damages arising out of or related to the subject matter of this GTC or (II) any cost of procurement of substitute goods or services. Each party’s total, aggregate liability to the other for all claims arising under or relating to this GTC is limited to the ner amount actually paid to the company by the client in the three (3) month period immediately preceding the date of the claim

  1. Miscellaneous
    1. The parties are independent contractors and no employer-employee relations shall be established between the parties or between a party and the other party’s employees. The relationship between the parties is that of independent contractors. Neither Party is an agent for the other, nor does it have any authority to make any contract, whether expressly or by implication, in the name or behalf of the other party, without that Party’s prior written consent for express purposes connected with the performance of this GTC. No joint venture or partnership (in the strict legal sense) is created or intended by this GTC.
    2. The Client hereby grants the Company the right to use the Client’s name in its publications, subject to Client’s prior written approval (email may constitute such an approval), which will not be unreasonably withheld.
    3. This GTC may not be assigned by either Party without the prior written approval of the other Party other than in connection with merger of either party or sale by either party of all or substantially all of its shares or assets.
    4. Except as expressly provided herein, this GTC may not be modified or amended except by a written GTC signed by the parties hereto.
    5. This GTC shall, for all purposes, be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Israel, and both Parties consent to the jurisdiction by the competent courts of the Tel-Aviv district.
    6. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof.

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