Case Study

A plastic surgeon with a very busy practice based in the Washington DC area.

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The Problem.

There were several issues that the client was facing. Their website was outdated, not mobile friendly and clients had a hard time navigating the website to sign up for a free consultation. Additionally, the client knew that potential patients were searching online for plastic surgery, however their website did not show up in search results in organic results and only sometimes as a paid ad.  When their website did show up, it cost him $62 a lead, which was very expensive.

The Solution.

We started out with rebuilding the website in WordPress. The website was modern and had a clean and professional feel. It was easy to navigate, mobile friendly and we included a lead form on every page, which helped bring in more leads.  Our tactic was to use a multi-dimensional marketing strategy which included SEO (on-page and off-page), local search, content marketing and Google Ads.

We started with an SEO audit to make sure that the site would be able to rank for important keywords and fixed any technical SEO errors that were found. We focused the content on local search to help draw in local traffic. An off-page SEO campaign was started where we were able to get his practice listed on dozens of websites. The Google Ads campaigns were rebuilt and optimized. We were able to bring the cost per lead from $62.56 down to $17.91.

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Services Provided.


  • +30,613 in traffic to the website
  • +918 leads
  • $17.91 cost per lead (down from $62.56)
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