Case Study

A premiere skincare product website who was relaunching their e-commerce site.

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The Problem.

The company wanted to relaunch their e-commerce website and improve their bottom-line sales. They needed to get more traffic to their website and make more sales. They had a small email marketing list and did not know how to convert those email addresses into sales or to how to grow their email list.

The Solution.

We worked on building several Google Ads campaigns to sell specific products. Once there were several products that we tested to see that they would be able to be sold with a positive ROI, we increased spend in those campaigns to increase sales. We added a sign-up form on the website as well as promotions to join the email list. We created an email marketing strategy and sent out 12 – 20 emails per month.

Services Provided.

skincare heaven banner
skincare heaven banner
skincare heaven banner


  • Email list grew from 2,500 to over 9,000
  • Email marketing accounted for 14% of their traffic
  • Email marketing consisted of 34% of their revenue
  • Some months email marketing was the largest source of sales
  • $9.51 cost per conversion on google ads campaigns (initial cost was $58.24
  • 587% return on ad spend
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