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Super Simple SEO Updates That You Can Do For Your Website Right Now

While on-page SEO optimization of your website is something that is very complex and at times requires an expert to help guide you, there are simple changes that you can make right now.

Page Titles

Every page on your website should have a title which is called an H1. You may need a developer to work with this functionality but by default your platform should offer you a place to have an H1. This is a place to explain what your page is about – the topic. This helps guide Google as to what the focus of the page is.

Alt text

All the images that you place on your website should have alt text. You simply need to go into the backend of your website and in the media library, find all your images. There is normally a place to enter in alt text. All you need to do is explain what is in the image in the alt text.

Optimize images

Having heavy images on your website slows down your website. This essentially offers the user a bad experience which is something Google does not like to see. You can either optimize your images from a program like Pixlr by following this step to step guide or you can use a program like imagecompressor.com. There are tons of these kinds of programs for free. You want to make sure that your image is under 40 Kb. Additionally, many people make the mistake of having very large image in terms of dimensions. The max width of your website is 1920 so there is no need to have images any larger that than. If you have these large images, cut down the width.

Broken Links

Run through the links on your website and make sure that you do not have any broken links. Broken links will lead you to a 404 page. You may need a developer to fix the links, but anyone can click through your website to find the broken links.

Security Seal

Make sure that your websites URL starts with https. This means that your website is secure. If your website does not have this security seal, you are at risk for your website being marked as unsafe. If you need an SSL seal, contact your hosting company because most of them offer SSL certificates (and many times for free).

If you are looking to get a bite more in-depth, feel free to read more about what is included in a full SEO audit for your website’s on-page optimization.

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